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Latent AI is trusted by government and commercial organizations seeking to transform their operations with secure, field-updatable edge AI. Our end-to-end developer platform simplifies, speeds, and standardizes the entire edge AI development and delivery process, reducing cost, complexity, and risk. This empowers a wide range of partners to deliver real-time decision-making capabilities directly to users in the field.

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Build ultra-fast, repeatable edge AI for your customers with our all-in-one developer platform.

Expand your service portfolio with value-added offerings that significantly enhance customer operations.

Differentiate your business with our secure, field-updatable AI.

Jumpstart your development

Leverage benchmarked configurations to design, train, and update edge AI faster.

Integrate seamlessly into your and your customers' environments.

Reduce costs to develop and manage the model lifecycle.

Easily and confidently update models using a repeatable pipeline.


Accelerate your ML design workflow and begin machine learning in minutes.

Build portable, hardware agnostic edge AI that’s easy to deploy and integrate with your current or future hardware.

Scale delivery with reproducible, lightweight, efficient AI in a containerized executable via a repeatable, reliable process.

Increase your performance and efficiency with key metrics like accuracy, latency, and resource utilization.


Design and train in the cloud and evaluate on your device, or do it all on-premise to bypass bandwidth limitations and connectivity issues.

Supports private, hybrid, and 5G clouds, software defined networks, and edge as a service.

Move complex decisions up the continuum, not your data, and match workloads with resources as needed.

Enable continuous improvement and higher efficiency with Adaptive AI℠ rapid retraining and redeployment.


Protect your IP, data and brand from theft and consequences of loss.

Bake in security with encryption and watermarking without adding processing requirements.

Easily update models via Adaptive AISM with new security functionality, versions, requirements, etc.

Reduce or eliminate cloud security concerns with all on premise retraining and redeployment.

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