Move decision making to the edge with LEIP and ArcGIS

The Latent AI Efficient Inference Platform (LEIP) enables you to bring powerful AI to the edge, where you can make faster decisions and gain deeper geospatial insights.

Actionable insights, anywhere

Integrating LEIP with ArcGIS enables real-time decision making by processing data where you collect it. Run AI analysis directly on your drones, sensors, cameras, and other edge devices, even offline.

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Make smarter choices right when you need them

Eliminate delays: Achieve real-time decision making anywhere with edge AI, even in remote locations with limited bandwidth.

Process data efficiently: Edge AI reduces overall computing needs, minimizing device power consumption.

Reduce infrastructure costs: Analyze data locally, minimizing reliance on expensive internet connections and cloud infrastructure.

Get faster, ultra-efficient AI from our all-in-one platform + ArcGIS

Streamlined Development: Train AI models with LEIP alongside ArcGIS for real-time, on-device geospatial analysis.

Simplified workflow: LEIP streamlines the AI workflow, eliminating the need for extensive machine learning expertise within your team.

Adapt to changing needs: LEIP's field-updatable AI empowers you to analyze results, make adjustments through a simple interface, retrain and redeploy the AI model directly on your device.